Pomegranate ‘Al-Sirin-Nar’

Al-Sirin-Nar Pomegranate

The Al-Sarin-Nar Pomegranate – botanical name, Punica granatum cultivar “AL-SIRIN-NAR” – bears large rounded, attractive, quality fruit with glossy dark cherry red skin . The arils (seed pods) are very large, rose-red in colour and of good quality and quantity, they are very juicy with a very good flavour and a sweet, slightly tart taste.

The fruit ripens from February (depending on local weather conditions) and is excellent for eating, juicing and exporting. This fruit tree has a lot of potential especially for areas that experience sever frost where other cultivars do not thrive. The height and spread grows to about 3m by 3m and it is vigorous with an upright bushy growth habit. It’s advantage is that, it is very productive and can yield heavy crops in optimum condition.

Pomegranates do very well in Mediterranean type environments. They are sensitive to wind. Tolerant of moderate frost only. Older, well-established plants will tolerate heavy frost for short periods of time. They have shallow, spreading roots making for great small garden trees.

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Full sun
Likes moist but not wet soil. Ideal to maintain consistent moisture of soil
Best grown in well drained, fertile, deep loam soil
Frost tolerant