Mango Tommy Atkins

Tommy Atkins Mango

The Mango Tommy Atkins – botanical name, Magnifera indica cultivar “Tommy Atkins” – produces large, oval to oblong shaped fruit. The skin has an attractive, deep red colour with a golden yellow flesh that is fibrous and mildly sweet. The fruit has an exceptional shelf life, handling and transportation ability.

The fruit ripens from December through to February. It is a vigorous and relatively easy to grow fruit tree that has a dense, round growth habit. This mango shows good tolerance against disease and has high yields. The trees are self pollinating and are very attractive, evergreen trees that make wonderful shade trees for large properties.

Mangos only grow well in subtropical regions or areas which experience only slight frost during Winter.

Established trees can be fed with a 3:1:5 fertiliser every 6 weeks, and should be stressed by not watering at all from May to July. When the fruit starts to develop, the soil must be kept moist at all times to prevent the fruit from dropping. Established trees need minimal pruning.

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Full sun. Little exposure to strong winds
Keep young trees moist at all times
Need light, very well draining soils
Feed with high nitrogen fertilisers for the first 3 years