Gardening Loyalty Club created just for YOU!

Women's Day (Wednesday 9 August 2017) was the first ever Lifestyle Garden Day; where all Lifestyle Loyalty Club members earned 10% cashback on your shopping the whole day! And 1 August 2017 was the day we launched the Lifestyle Loyalty Club - read the one year update by clicking |HERE|

Lifestyle Loyalty Club


Register a Lifestyle Loyalty Club card in store, become a member and shop away


Earn accumulating cashback rewards (rands onto your loyalty card) every time that you shop + additional and exclusive discounts


Have money available on your card to pay for your shopping #rewards

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Lifestyle Loyalty Club

2,5% cashback on every shop at Lifestyle Home Garden and Mica Lifestyle (excl. products already on promotion)


10% cashback on Wednesdays for Lifestyle Garden Day (excl. products already on promotion and Mica products)

Lifestyle Loyalty Club

Additional discounts on selected already discounted items

Lifestyle Loyalty Club

Exclusive discounts


You always earn  |  You have a savings account  |  Your receive redeem sms'  |  You can access your full transaction record

Already a Lifestyle Loyalty Club Member...

Click |HERE| to login to your member page where you can view all transaction records on your Lifestyle Loyalty Club card, as well as your savings balance and your cashback balance.

Click |HERE| to visit our Members Page for more information.

If you have any queries or comments, please do not hesitate to chat to our Loyalty Team available every day at our loyalty desk opposite the main tills and inside information desk….


Not yet a Lifestyle Loyalty Club Member...

Read below for our registration process, benefits of the Lifestyle Loyalty Club and Ts & Cs



Should you wish to become a Lifestyle Loyalty Club member, all you need to do is visit Lifestyle Home Garden, collect a Lifestyle Loyalty Club card, register with your details at our in-store kiosk and voila you are instantly a member and can start earning right away.

Registering In-Store:

  • Collect a Lifestyle Loyalty Club card
  • Simply scan your Lifestyle Loyalty Club card or enter your card number at the in-store kiosk
  • Complete the required fields

Once you have registered, you are automatically a Lifestyle Loyalty Club member and can immediately start earning cashback and redeeming your rewards – giving you more of what you need to choose the lifestyle that you want!

The information that we ask you for, is purely for security and communication purposes. We will not violate your privacy and will always keep this information secure. If you wish to no longer receive correspondence you will be able to opt out; ultimately these forms of communication are used purely in order to enhance our customer service.

Should you have any questions or concerns just call the Customer Care on +27 861 663111.



This is the easy part!

Just shop at Lifestyle Home Garden – as you already love doing and remember to swipe your Lifestyle Loyalty Club card before each transaction.

After every spend you will earn cashback rewards – rands that accumulate every time that you shop.

Please be advised that when returning products; you will be given a credit and the transaction will be reversed, thereafter your cashback rewards will also be reversed. If you would prefer, we can also credit your returns straight onto your Lifestyle Loyalty Club Card by adding the credited amount to your savings balance.



There are so many ways to earn cashback it is exhilarating!

  • Lifestyle Loyalty Club members earn 2.5% cashback on every shop that you do at Lifestyle Home Garden and Mica Lifestyle (this excludes products already on promotion and those items excluded from the cashback system)
  • On Wednesday’s Lifestyle Loyalty Club members earn 10% cashback on your shopping from Lifestyle Home Garden (this excludes products already on promotion, Mica Products and those items excluded from the cashback system) for our weekly Lifestyle Garden Day – that overrides the 2.5% cashback that you receive on all other days!
  • Lifestyle Loyalty Club members can receive additional discounts on selected already discounted promotions – if we have a 10% discount on pots, we can give an extra 10% discount to Loyalty Club members, giving you a 20% discount!
  • Lifestyle Loyalty Club members will also receive exclusive discounts in the form of cashback on certain products, product groups, entire sections or even everything on certain days

In addition to earning a cashback balance, the Lifestyle Loyalty Club provides a facility for you to load money onto your Lifestyle Loyalty Club card, just like a savings account. So you will have access to a savings and cashback balance on your Lifestyle Loyalty Club card.



This is the exciting part!

Once you have accumulated cashback (rands onto your loyalty card) from previous shopping sprees you will have money available for you to redeem. This means that you will have money available to pay for your shopping – this is us rewarding you for being a loyal customer.

You can redeem your full amount of accumulated cashback or you can redeem a portion of the amount.
You can also redeem a full transaction or a portion of your shopping, depending on the amount of cashback that you have accumulated.

Just swipe your Lifestyle Loyalty Club card BEFORE the transaction, scan your products and redeem your cashback.

Added Benefits

There is more:

  • It is free to join the Lifestyle Loyalty Club!
  • You earn on every purchase, as long as you are spending money you are always earning. Even when you redeem on a transaction, as long as the redemption isn’t for the full transaction amount, you will earn cashback on the amount unredeemed for
  • You can load money onto your Lifestyle Loyalty Club card – just like a savings account – think of it like your home and garden savings!
  • You can view your complete transaction record at our in-store kiosk, allowing you to have proof of all your transactions and to help you follow your spending
  • You receive sms’s every time you redeem to help keep you in the know of your Lifestyle Loyalty Club redemption transactions
  • Your Lifestyle Home Garden transaction slip will always contain your savings balance as well as your cashback balance
  • We create and customise our Lifestyle Loyalty Club just for our customers; providing personalised and relevant communication with clearly thought out benefits and pertinent savings just for you

did-you-know, Lifestyle Loyalty Club

Personalised Customer Experience is very important to us!

At Lifestyle Home Garden we strive to provide our customers with the most enjoyable and relevant shopping experience possible. As such, we encourage you to keep your Lifestyle Loyalty Club card purely for your own personal use, and discourage sharing of loyalty cards with friends and family. This way we can ensure that our communication is ultimately tailored to your needs and preferences specifically and not those of other shoppers.

Lifestyle Home Garden accepts no responsibility for loss, damage or exploitation of cards borrowed or shared amongst customers, in addition to the possible receiving of unnecessary and irrelevant communication.