Persimmon Izu

Izu Persimmon

The Izu Persimmon – botanical name, Diospyros x kaki cultivar “IZU” – is commonly known as the Sharon fruit or Tamatiepruim. It is a medium sized, round and slightly flattened fruit with orange-red skin and light orange flesh. It has a very sweet juicy taste and sets fruit without pollination.

The fruit ripen early in the year, from mid March and they grow to about 4m by 4m. It is not a vigorous grower or bearer of fruit, but it has good quality fruit.

This fruit tree is slow growing with deep taproots, making it perfect for small city gardens or for large pots. They are deciduous and boast autumn coloured red leaves.

This fruit tree performs best in warm temperature climates. Little pruning is needed when young. Older trees will need light annual judicious pruning – 10 years and older. The Izu Persimmon dislikes string winds and is susceptible to root rot, so ensure planting in a very well draining soil.

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Best in full sun. Can tolerate a little bit of shade
Keep moist. Let the soil dry out slightly between waterings
Needs well draining, deep, fertile loamy, slightly acidic soil
Feed monthly with a 6:1:5 fertiliser
Frost hardy. Young trees might need some protection