Apricot ‘Soldonne’

Apricot Soldonne

The Soldonne Apricot – botanical name, Prunus armeniaca cultivar “SALDONNE” – produces medium sized, rounded fruit with orange-yellow skin. The flesh is has a orange-yellow colour and gives a satisfactory sweet taste. This is a free-stone apricot and has a fine, firm, semi-melting texture.

The fruit ripens from late November and grows with a height and spread of about 4m by 4m. This fruit tree has a moderate vigour and an upright growth habit. Should do well in warmer areas and has a good production and good quality fruit which can be used for preservation.

Apricots like areas with cool winters and mild summers and are easy to grow. Annual judicious pruning in Winter is needed, with the fruit born on branches of the previous season’s growth.

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Full sun
Keep moist during the growing season
Well drained soil
Feed monthly with a 2:3:4 fertiliser