Grape Autumn Royal

Autumn Royal Grape

The Autumn Royal Grape – botanical name, Vitis vinifera cultivar “AUTUMN ROYAL” – produces very large, oval elongated shaped grapes with purple-black skin. The skin is crunchy and the flesh has a firm, crisp texture with a distinctive, pleasant sweet flavour. This grape is generally seedless but some soft seeds can develop.

The fruit ripens from end January to early March, peaking in February. This is a very popular, late ripening, black table grape variety that is a vigorous growing vine with very high productivity. With a height and spread of about 4m by 4m, this grape vine produces high quality fruit of a very large size without much manipulation.

Not recommended for areas with high Summer rainfall or humidity. Keep moist during the growing season, but do not over water, and reduce watering during the ripening stage. Regular judicious pruning, before Spring is needed for the best yield.

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Grapes like hot, sunny areas with low humidity
Keep moist during the growing season
Prefers well drained, sandy loam, slightly acidic soils
Feed monthly with pelletised manure or a 2:3:4 fertiliser
An annual application of Epsom salts and 7:1:3 fertiliser in Spring is recommended