Peach Safari

Safari Peach

The Yellow Dessert Safari Peach – botanical name, Prunus Persica cultivar “SAFARI” – produces large round to oblong shaped fruit with a slight point. The skin is orange-yellow and blushed red on the cheeks with a yellow but reddish around the stone cavity flesh. This is a free stone peach that has a very good, delicate taste with a melting, slightly coarse to soft texture.

The fruit ripens from early December and grows with a height and spread of about 4m by 4m. Should do well in warmer areas. This fruit tree is a strong vigorous grower that is a heavy bearer and some fruit thinning may be needed.

Peaches like areas with cold, frosty Winters and are tough, hardy and easy to grow. Annual judicious pruning in July is recommended, with the fruit born on branches of the previous season’s growth.

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Full Sun
Keep moist during the growing season
Well draining soil
Feed monthly with a 2:3:4 fertiliser