Fig 'Col de Dame Noir'

Fig ‘Col de Dame Noir’

The Fig ‘Col de Dame Noir’ – botanical name, Ficus carica cultivar “COL DE DAME NOIR'” – produces a medium to large sized, pear-shaped figs. The skin is thick and turns dark purple to black with small cracks when fully ripe. The flesh is dark, ruby-red. It has a very rich, good in taste, a strong fig flavour with savoury undertones and are of high quality. The fig neck is dark.

One of the latest ripening figs. The main crop ripens from March onwards and sometimes even into winter. Once established it has a strong growth rate. It tends to be upright growing at first and then starts to spread out when mature although the tree requires careful pruning in order for it to be kept compact and productive. It has attractive leaves with many lobes and a very distinctive characteristic.

This fruit tree has a spreading growth habit of about 4m by 4m. Good for fresh eating, drying, baking, making jams or preserves.

Figs need a very hot and sunny place, and it is very important to water consistently.

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Full sun
Well drained soil
Tolerant of moderate to heavy frost when established.
Water consistently
Feed monthly with a 2:3:4 fertiliser