Pomegranate ‘Baghwa’

Baghwa Pomegranate

The Baghwa Pomegranate – botanical name, Punica granatum cultivar “BAGHWA” – bears medium sized fruit of a very high quality and glossy light-red skin with ruby-red seed pods. It is sweet and juicy with soft seeds and is excellent for exporting, eating and juicing.

The fruit ripens from mid March to April and is considered semi-evergreen in sub-tropical areas.

Pomegranates do very well in Mediterranean type environments. They are sensitive to wind. Tolerant of moderate frost only. Older, well-established plants will tolerate heavy frost for short periods of time. They have shallow, spreading roots making for great small garden trees.

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Full sun
Keep plants well watered during spring and early summer months.
Best grown in well drained, fertile, deep loam soil
Feed monthly with a balanced fertilizer like 2:3:4 from September to February