Litchi Mauritius

Mauritius Litchi

The Mauritius Litchi – botanical name, Litchi chinensis cultivar “MAURITIUS” – bears large clusters of oval, heart shaped, medium sized fruit. The skin is rough, thin, red in colour and easy to peel. The flesh is firm with a delicious, fragrant, sweet exotic flavour, with small, smooth and shiny brown pips.

The fruit ripens from late Summer and the tree grows to about 4m by 4m. This fruit tree grows into an attractive, dense, round topped tree that flowers in Spring and the fruit ripens about 140 days after flowering. It is a slow growing tree that grows very well in large containers. It will make an excellent shade tree for smaller gardens.

Best grown in areas with warm, humid Summers and cool frost free Winters. It can tolerate light frost once it matures. Mulching is highly recommended and avoid cultivating around the roots.

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Full sun is best. Can tolerate semi-shade
Keep young trees moist. You can let the soil dry out slightly between waterings for established trees
Needs well draining, rich in organic material and slightly acidic soil
Feed monthly with pelletised manure