Fig ‘Alma’

Fig ‘Alma’

The Fig ‘Alma’ – botanical name, Ficus carica palmata hybrid cultivar “ALMA” – produces a small round pear-shaped figs with prominent ribs and a orange-redish hollow centre. The skin turns brownish-yellow when ripe and is often striped, The flesh is ambered coloured, rich and very sweet and tasty. It has few seeds. The opening(ostiole) is sealed with nectar(syrup) when ripe which makes the fig very resistant against souring and spoiling.

The fruit ripens from February and and should do well in humid, wet areas. It is a very vigorous, upright and compact growing plant.

This fruit tree has a spreading growth habit of about 3m by 3m. Good for fresh eating or preserves.

Figs need a very hot and sunny place, and it is very important to water consistently.

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Full sun
Well drained soil
Keep plant well watered
Tolerates moderate frost but a young plant requires winter protection
Feed monthly with a 2:3:4 fertiliser