Tree Tomato ‘Tamarillo’

Tamarillo Tree Tomato

The Tamarillo Tree Tomato – botanical name, “CYPHOMANDRA BETACEA” – bears oval fruit with shiny red skin and sometimes longitudal black stripes are also present. The flesh is firm with black seeds with a tart to mildly sweet taste and savoury understone.

The fruit ripens from late summer and autumn and starts fruiting after about 2 years. It’s a fast growing small tree with a growth habit of about 3m tall and 3m wide – has a single upright growing stem which starts to branch out later. The leaves are large, hairy and soft with a strong smell.

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Full sun/semi shade
Keep moist but be careful of overwatering
Plant in rich but very well drained soil
Feed monthly with pelletized chicken manure from September to February