Plum ‘Methley’

Plum Methley

The Methley Plum – botanical name, Prunus salicina cultivar “METHLEY” – this is a self pollination variety that produces small sized, rounded fruit with dark purple-red skin. The flesh is dark red, sweet and juicy – a clingstone fruit. It is born in clusters and has a delicious, sweet taste.

The fruit ripens from late November to early December and grows with a height and spread of about +5m by +4m. This fruit tree is a strong, vigorous grower with good production, has an upright spreading growth habit.

Plums are the easiest to grow of all the deciduous, stone free fruits. They like areas with cold, frosty winters. Plum trees are beautiful in Spring as they are covered in blossoms, they make an excellent ornamental shade tree for smaller gardens.

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Full Sun
Well drained soil
Keep moist during the growing season
Feed monthly with 2.3.4 fertilizer