Grape ‘Ralli Seedless’

Ralli Seedless Grape

The Ralli seedless Grape – botanical name, Vitis vinifera cultivar “RALLI SEEDLESS” – produces attractive large round seedless berries with a bright pinkish-red colour, tough skin and crisp flesh, firm texture and excellent sweet taste. These berries are an extremely vigorous, strong growing vine and is one of the best table grape varieties for exporting.

The fruit ripens from mid December (depending on weather conditions) and the tree has a height and spread of about 2m by 3m. It is a climbing plant and the growth and shape depends mainly on pruning practices.

It performs reasonably well in hot and dry Summers with low humidity.

Regular judicious pruning, before Spring is needed for the best yield. Reduce watering during the ripening stage.

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Enjoy hot, sunny areas
Keep moist during the growing season
Enjoys well drained, sandy loam, slightly acidic soils
Feed monthly with pelletised manure or 2:3:4 fertiliser
An annual application of Epsom salts and 7:1:3 fertiliser in Spring is recommended