Common Pests and Diseases

Common Garden Pests and Diseases

garden pests and diseases

Let us help you solve your garden challenges and treat the common pests and diseases that plague many a gardener…


common garden pests and diseases lifestyle home garden nursey plant shop johannesburg gautengBut first; BE KIND.

Remember that bees and butterflies and other beneficial insects like ladybirds, hover flies and lace-wing flies that feed on these pests, will also be affected by the above products, even some of those that are organic.

Given a chance, nature will always return to a place of balance.

Give her a helping hand by trying a few healthy gardening habits:

  1. Healthy soil =Healthy plants that will be more resistant to pests and diseases. Only use top quality organic compost and fertilisers.
  2. Maintain a balanced soil pH and mulch richly.
  3. Practice companion planting to repel and confuse pests or plant decoy plants to attract pests away from your plants.
  4. Create biodiversity by planting a wide variety of plants that flower throughout the year to attract various types of beneficial insects.
  5. Practice crop rotation in the vegetable garden and use protective netting against pests and birds.
  6. Revise how and when you water the garden – mornings are best and some plants don’t tolerate water on their leaves.
  7. Make sure plants are placed in the aspect they prefer, e.g. full sun, morning sun or shade. Plants won’t stress and will be less prone to diseases and pests.
  8. Try removing the pests by picking them manually or picking leaves or other the parts of the plants they are on. A strong spray of water directed at pests on sturdy plants can also take care of the problem.

There will always be a certain amount of pests in the garden – they’re simply doing what nature intended for them to do!

If, however, there are more than you or your plant can tolerate and the potential damage is too high, try starting with the least harmful control method.

Visit the Plant Doctor department at Lifestyle Home Garden and speak to one of our very knowledgeable info staff members for a solution to your gardening challenges…

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garden pests and diseases lifestyle home garden garden guide

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