Garden Care

Plant Food

Plant foods are necessary to maintain optimal plant growth and flowering performance. You can choose organic or synthetic, granular or water-soluble options from our range of fertilisers, plant food and supplements. We cater for all types of plants, from roses to acid-loving plants, orchids and cycads.

Plant Doctor

Protect your plants from pests and diseases with our range of pesticides and fungicides for ants, other insects, aphids and other plant sicknesses. Our knowledgeable staff can help you select the correct products for pest and weed control; be it insect spray, insecticide granules or an organic fungicide.

Planting Media and Organics

Good quality compost and potting soil ensure that you get your plants off to a healthy start. We have specialized mixes of fertilisers, compost, potting soil and mulches be it for orchids, hydrangeas, acid-loving plants, lawn, succulents, trees or cycads.


From tiny pots of pretty succulents to full size flowering shrubs, and every gardening tool in between, Lifestyle Home Garden is your first stop for all things green. Maintain, sustain and care for those gorgeous greeneries with our wide range of supplements, ant traps, garden forks, rain gauges, bonsai cutters, fly swatters, watering cans and plant enhancers. Our inside information has all the info you need to help care for your garden and solve all those little home challenges.

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