Spring Lawn Treatment

Spring Lawn Treatment

August is the perfect time to get going with that Spring lawn treatment to prepare your grass and ensure a lavishly lush lawn that you can revel (and roll) in throughout the SPRING and SUMMER season!

With our easy-to-do spring treatment and list of products needed you will be able to conduct your pre-spring lawn treatment with the spring energy that is slowly creeping in…

  1. Set your lawnmower to its lowest height and mow the lawn.
  2. Scarify the lawn by raking vigorously across and down to remove the old dead mat using a steel rake with sharp teeth.
  3. Water deeply to soften the soil.
  4. Using a lawn spike roller or garden fork, spike the soil at least 20cm deep to aerate it.
  5. Apply an organic lawn fertiliser high in nitrogen, e.g., 6:3:4 or 5:1:5 and top dress with a 1-3cm thick layer of lawn dressing.
  6. Use a rake or hard broom to spread the lawn dressing across the lawn.  Use the flat side of a rake to level out the surface.
  7. Water deeply and gently after applying the fertiliser and lawn dressing.

PLEASE NOTE: The above treatments are not suitable for cool season grasses like Kentucky blue, perennial rye grasses and blends (like ALL SEASONS EVERGREEN, SHADE OVER, PLAY MIX)

Your grass may not look so good after this treatment, but do not fear because soon after it will be green and lush just in time for SPRING!

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