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Shop now and pay later with PayJustNow!

Lifestyle Home Garden offers interest-free easy payments when you shop with our Online store and pay with PayJustNow. Have you seen the PayJustNow button on our online product and checkout pages? It looks like this:

How to use PayJustNow

Buy now and pay over 3 installments with PayJustNow. We have outlined how this option works:

  1. Browse your favourite items on the Lifestyle Home Garden online store page. The link is |HERE|.
  2. Choose PayJustNow as your secure payment method.
  3. Easily create your account with PayJustNow.
  4. Complete your purchase – although we recommend heading back to the shop page to browse further – just to be sure!

What are the benefits?

PayJustNow offers 3 Interest-free payments beginning Now, followed by a payment Now Now, and another payment Just Now. The two payment dates after the initial installment can be specified by yourself, the customer.

PayJustNow is a risk-free way to plan your spend – they are there to facilitate your dream purchase.

Are you approved?

Approval takes a short minute, thereafter shipping takes 3 to 5 business days. You will get a confirmation email from the Lifestyle Home Garden Online Shopping team. This means that your purchase is official, and that your new plants and other gorgeous hand-selected buys will soon be on their way to you.

A Responsible Choice

With PayJustNow, your approval is based on your personal affordability. See this easy payment option as a nifty budgeting tool for those larger purchases that you’d really like to buy now. There is no threat of growing charges, and so that really lush palm tree and garden bench need no longer be a dream, but a realistic goal that you can prepare to pay off in 3 interest-free installments.

PayJustNow will schedule payments from your debit or credit card, as well as send you a reminder to ensure you don’t miss payments. It really is Risk-Free! Break your own barrier to buying with affordable interest-free payments.

What are you waiting for?

We have a growing directory of over 700 items! Spanning plants, fertilisers, pavers, pots, mulches, pest control solutions, tools, hardware and more, as well as gadgets from our Lifestyle MICA store! Warm your home or spruce up your patio with your carefully selected items from our ever-growing online store selection. Just do it…Just Now.

We would love to have your feedback!

Have you purchased from our Online store using PayJustNow? What was your experience? Please feel free to email us on with any feedback or suggestions! We are always here to help, and to listen. Alternatively you can contact PayJustNow directly using the contact info below:

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