June in Your Garden

Your June Gardening Guide

Winter has certainly announced itself here on the Highveld and rightly so – the garden needs the cold for all sorts of reasons.  So when it’s too cold to be out and about, stay indoors, cosy up and bring the garden inside.  It’s never been easier with the massive indoor plant sale currently on here at Lifestyle Home Garden. Come on, discover your wild and turn your home into an indoor paradise!

General June Garden Tasks


  • Ensure that all tender plants are covered against the frost either with sheets of frost cover or frost bags. Frost cover will protect plants, while still letting in light, air and water, so it can be left on the plants during the daytime.  Remember to also cover tender climbers – we tend to forget those.
  • Spread a thick layer of mulch in all beds or top up the existing layer to protect roots against the cold.
  • Cut down on watering and if you have an irrigation system, ensure that it is programmed for reduced watering now. Most larger shrubs, trees, perennials, climbers and the lawn will only need a good watering once this month.  However, Camellias, Azaleas and Magnolias need to be watered weekly.
  • Water in the mornings only so leaves are dry and water absorbed by nightfall.
  • Feed all winter annuals fortnightly with a liquid fertilizer or organic 3:1:5. Water weekly and regularly deadhead and pick flowers to prolong their flowering time.
  • Feed bulbs fortnightly with a liquid fertiliser or bulb food and water deeply once a week. Check plants, especially tulips, for aphids and treat with an organic aphicide.  Lilium bulbs will be on the shelves during the first week of June and can be planted now for a beautiful spring show.
  • Winter needn’t be a drab affair. Introduce instant colour with winter seedlings and colour bags.  Ornamental kale in purple, pink, green and cream are striking if planted en masse along borders.  Bring in yellow and orange for warmth with hardy Gazanias, Pansies, and Primroses.
  • Tie sweet peas to trellises or obelisks at regular intervals. Nip side shoots and pick blooms frequently to encourage more flowers.  Water copiously.
  • Cut back deciduous ornamental grasses like Muhlenbergia, Pennisetum, Miscanthus and Aristida.
  • Transplant roses now if necessary. Deadhead and water once a week.
  • Continue feeding the birds and providing fresh water. June is one of the coldest months and food is hard to find, especially in the city.  Birdseed and a bit of suet will provide fuel to keep our feathered friends going and warm their bodies.

Indoor Plants for June

  • During June all our indoor plants are on a 30% OFF SPECIAL! So use this month to start building up a selection of your fave indoor plants
  • Cut down on watering of indoor plants in the cooler weather.
  • Feed flowering indoor plants fortnightly with a liquid fertilizer and water when needed.
  • The beautiful and dainty Cyclamen is flowering now. In shades of pink, red and white, it will add colour and warmth indoors or outside on a well-protected patio. Click |HERE| to read more about caring for your Cyclamen.
  • Another winter beauty in flower now is the graceful Cymbidium, available in a variety of colours. Place them indoors in bright light (no direct sunlight) where they will flower all winter long. Click |HERE| to learn more about basic Orchid care guidelines.

In Your Veggie Garden

  • Start pruning deciduous fruit trees and vines from late June while they are dormant to ensure a good crop in the coming season.  Water thoroughly.
  • Water winter veg once a week and feed monthly with an organic 6:3:4 or liquid fertiliser.
  • Brassicas are heavy feeders and needs a fortnightly application of a nitrogen-rich fertilizer. They tend to be prone to aphids, so check them regularly and spray immediately, if needed, with an organic aphicide.
  • You can still sow peas, radishes and turnips. Thin out carrots.
  • Cut back overgrown evergreen herbs like rosemary and thyme.

The Time is Now


  • Install water features and statues or drain and fix leaky water features and faulty pumps.
  • Repair damaged garden tools and service and sharpen pruning tools in preparation for the big prune!
  • Construct the paths and lay the paving you’ve been meaning to.
  • Fix and paint sheds and fences.
  • Find a cosy corner in the wonderful winter sun and work on ideas and plans for next season.

SUNDAY, 17 JUNE is FATHER’S DAY!  Whether the dad in your life is a keen gardener, a bonsai buff, a DIY enthusiast or likes to have a say in the décor and styling of your home, we’re sure to have a gift to make him feel appreciated.

If you’re not a winter baby, don’t fret… Winter Solstice (21st of June) is just around the corner.  That’s when we start tipping over here in the South… days get a wee bit longer and we, slowly, but surely, start moving towards spring.  Now isn’t that something to look forward to!

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