Herbs: Find your Guide

Potty for herbs?

We all have different experience and knowledge of plants and herbs. That’s why we have written unique blogs for the diverse plant-person in all of us.

Novices; you have the will but not quite yet the knowledge

Gurus; you are green-fingered and have the know-how!

Urban Greenies; you love plants and will find just about anywhere to plant them- from balconies and rooftops to your kitchen windowsill – there is no limit to where you will not place a potted plant!

Decided which Shade of green you are?

Click on the below links to be transported to your specific blog and find out where to get your free Mixed herb seed packet from Lifestyle Home Garden…

I am a Novice

I am a Guru

I am an Urban Greenie

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Get in touch! Let us know how your Shade of Green is changing, and how you’re making your world more green… 

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