Papaya Dwarf ‘Red Lady’

Red Lady Papaya Dwarf

The Red Lady Papaya Dwarf – botanical name, Carica Papaya F1 hybrid “RED LADY” – bears large oblong shaped, excellent quality fruit. The skin turns from green to yellowish-green when it’s fully ripe and the flesh is thick with a dark orange-red colour, having an excellent flavour, juicy and a good sweet taste.

The fruit ripens 9 months after planting in subtropical areas and will fully develop and ripen during hot summer conditions. It has an upright fast growing fruit tree which does not take up much space, with a growth habit of about 3m by 1.5m height and spread. The stem is hollow, soft and spongy.

It is an early and productive, easy to grow with low maintenance variety which sets fruit at about 60-80cm stem height. The leaves become large and are attractive, deeply lobed.

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Develops best in summer conditions
Produces better when watered adequately
Well drained soil
Heavy monthly applications of pelletized manure is recommended