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With new plants being bought regularly, unique imported décor being displayed on the floor seasonally and consistent additions to our water features, outdoorscaping and containers, it is best for you to come and view our marvellous range in person and to use our guideline below as a simple indication of the substantial assortment of products that you can find at Lifestyle Home Garden!

You are more than welcome to click on each category below to find out more about the types of products that we stock in each of our main product categories. Please note that we have simply represented our available product categories in the pages shown below, and that this is not a comprehensive list of all of the products that we keep in stock, nor are the photos an accurate representation for what we have available at this very time.

For specific product enquiries you are welcome to email info@lifestyle.co.za or to call 011 792 5616.


  • indoor
  • seedlings
  • herbs
  • edibles
  • seeds
  • shrubs
  • trees
  • colour perennials
  • ground coverwater plants
  • succulents
  • bonsais
  • creepers
  • sculptural plants
  • palms

garden care

  • plant food
  • plant doctor
  • planting media
  • organics
  • accessories


  • pots and hanging baskets
  • water features
  • furniture
  • paving and edging
  • trellisingmetal ware
  • ornaments
  • birding and wildlife


  • pots and pot covers
  • decor
  • gifting
  • furniture
  • silk flowers christmas
  • kids
  • accessories


  • paint
  • pool care
  • craft
  • irrigation
  • DIY
  • outdoor
  • electronics
  • safety and security
  • accessories

Return Policy

We have updated our Return Policy.

If you are looking to return products to Lifestyle Home Garden or Lifestyle Mica, please consult our Return Policy for all the details.