World Habitat Day 2020

WORLD HABITAT DAY: A Better Urban Future

The United Nations, in 1985, declared the first Monday of October every year as World Habitat Day.

The aim of this day is to draw attention to the state of our towns and cities and to highlight every person’s basic human right to adequate and safe shelter.  It further serves to remind us of our power and responsibility to shape the future of our human settlements for generations to come.

The theme of World Habitat Day 2020 is reflecting on how to continue to reach Sustainable Development Goals. Outside of this, the focus will be on ensuring adequate housing which is also affordable, in line with the New Urban Agenda. – Every effort should be made on the part of Municipalities and the public to improve the way we focus on sustainability within our communities.

We as a gardening community have the great responsibility to sow the seeds of the future when it comes to sustainability. Growing one’s own food is possibly the best way to reduce carbon footprint, encourage healthy eating within homes, create a culture of growing and harvesting, and find which crops grow best within one’s own natural environment.

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