What is an Urban Greenie?

What is an Urban Greenie?

An Urban Greenie is someone with the gift of the green, with no Thyme to waste! They adore plants and will put them pretty much anywhere and everywhere they fancy. Up staircases, in pots on the kitchen counter top, bed side tables and even rooftops!

The definition of this person is someone who does not possess a traditional garden space.

They may live in a towering flat block, a small apartment, an informal settlement, a garden cottage or a flat-share. The conventional rolling landscaped garden is condensed into smaller spaces, tight arrangements, planted-up pots and winding up walls.

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Plants hang from inside showers and ceilings, windowsills are adorned with herbs and flowers, bookshelves share space with potted succulents, terraces are lined with potted plants. There is no limit to the imagination of the Urban Greenie; because they need to be imaginative to come up with places to put their plants.

An Urban Greenie is the Guerilla gardener who uses an alleyway to plant vegetables, a rooftop to grow sweet peas, a spider plant to add life to the shower, a potted echevaria as a door stop and delicious monster as a book end. Their balconies are brimming with greens, their trellises teaming with tomatoes and thyme. There is no space an Urban Greenie will not plant a plant!

In the following weeks we will be expanding on the various spaces Urban Greenies make their own. And divulge ideas of how you too can do just the same and bring greenery into any space your fancy!

Have a look at this inspiring French initiative to green the urban spaces in Paris- absolutely phenomenal! What a fantastic example of urban gardening on a large scale, educating children as to the importance of gardening, and improving the quality of life in general. We are so inspired!!

Fancy yourself an Urban Greenie?

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