Unusual hanging basket ideas: 4 fun ways to celebrate spring colours

Sure, you have heard of hanging baskets — but have you come across these unusual hanging basket ideas? Give your garden a brilliant boost and colour infusion using these fun (and functional) methods. Get out your gardening notebook and get ready to start planning a marvellous makeover just in time for this spring.

Freshen up with fabulous floral arrangements

We love a good hanging basket recipe, especially when we can create a signature style for each season. Get inspired by our spring violet hanging basket. And, when the weather really warms up, head on over to our guide to creating a summer French tricolour basket. Tackle the fun of unusual hanging basket ideas with our four concepts to help you master creating your unique work of living art.

unusual hanging basket ideas

Get hooked on these unusual hanging basket ideas

Adding spring colour is best done with playful placements and using varying levels to make the most of your space. We love the look of bright and cheery pops of colour just about anywhere. 

When creating your hanging baskets, the possibilities are truly endless with colour and creativity in the garden.

  1. Plentiful plant varieties

When it comes to selecting plants for a stunning spring look, keep your options open. Look at the area you are wanting to occupy and consider the sunlight available. If you are choosing to hang your basket under an awning or a tree with lots of shade, go for ferns, impatiens or fuchsias. In hot and sunny spots, choose bright daisies, verbena, Convolvulus, salvia, or calibrachoa

For an equally delightful and lush look, create a water-wise hanging basket housing only succulents. Quaint, cute and charming in a variety of greens, pinks and purples, these plants are lovely standalone features for your spring baskets.

  1. Captivate with colour

For statements and sensational sights, plan your hanging baskets to celebrate colour. We love pairing blue and white (think Shasta daisy with Blue Felicia bush or Scabiosa). Also, try pops of purple (like white-stemmed sage). To coordinate with a fun backdrop, paint a side of your garden shed or home a bright colour. Then, pair it with equally electric colours with your plant/s of choice. Try twinning tones like pink and red, purple and blue, or orange and yellow together.

  1. Shake things up with structure

When it comes to setting up for spring, don’t forget to think about structure. Not only can you hang up your basket at varying heights, but you can also structure your baskets with “thriller”, “filler”, and “spiller” plants. Thriller plants are the basket’s focal points, fillers help the transition between upright and middle arrangements, and spiller plants trail over the basket edges. Also, try different locations like decorating railings with a fun balcony railing pot or erect a living arch using an arbor. And why have one, when you can opt for multi-tiered basket ideas? Think of all the colour combinations you can plan with layering.

  1. Enhance your basket with edibles

Growing gorgeous blooms and botanicals in hanging baskets is one thing, but growing colourful edibles? Genius. We love the iconic look of a strawberry basket. Another idea, hang your herbs! Not only do they provide lush greenery, but they are also great for a quick pick to add to a dish and will be oh-so-fragrant for spring.

unusual hanging basket ideas

Basics of building your basket 

Before you start, make sure to choose plants with similar watering requirements. Group them together when planting them in the same place or container.

Follow these steps to welcome your plants into their new home.

  1. Water your plants thoroughly before planting them.
  2. Fill the hanging basket halfway with quality potting soil.
  3. Then, mix water retention granules evenly into the potting soil.
  4. Pat the soil into a bowl to accommodate the plant
  5. Remove the plant from its transport pot. Squeeze the bottom of the pot to detach the compact soil, then hold the plant at the base and pull gently from the pot. Lightly press the roots to loosen them and remove excess soil until the rootball is the right size to fit into the basket.
  6. Place the root ball into the hollow of the hanging basket.
  7. Fill the remaining spaces of the basket with more potting soil to cover the root and base of the plant.
  8. Secure the plant by tamping down the potting soil.
  9. Continue to fill your basket with your chosen plants.
  10. Hang your basket in a shaded area for two days and then move it to its permanent hanging location.
  11. Make sure to water your plant daily and feed it with an organic liquid fertiliser every fortnight, using a watering can for light and gentle water flow.

Sprout spring success

All the best on exploring your creativity with our unusual hanging basket ideas. May your spring be full of vibrant and exciting spring colours. For more advice or DIY garden ideas, explore our archive of guides or contact our experts.

unusual hanging basket ideas

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