The Value of Good Quality Soil

Soil is the foundation of providing and storing nutrition for your plants. It only makes sense to give your plants the best possible start in your garden. If you have poor soil structure or a PH imbalance, there is no point trying to grow new plants for spring, until you fix those problems…

“Don’t start planting until you ‘give back to the soil FIRST” 

Anne Gibson, The Micro Gardener

Care for your soil:

If you care for your soil, your plants will start growing well right from day one, and will easily become low-maintenance ‘guests’ in your garden!

Whether you grow plants in garden beds or containers, welcome them with a nice ‘bed and meal’ on arrival. Soil full of nutrients is just what the gardener ordered in this instance and when planting new plants. Healthy soil will be the perfect environment to cultivate thriving plants.

As such there is nothing better than a good natural organic fertiliser to add to the soil for your plants. Atlantic Fertilisers offer a full range of fertilisers for your garden that is easy to use – even for beginner gardeners. We stock the entire range; enquire from our hardware advisors on which best to use for your garden needs.

Using Organic Products:

It’s always important to consider organic products for your garden, rather than chemical ones. The more organic matter you add to your soil, the more workable and fertile your soil becomes. Think long-term results! Good quality soil equals good quality plants.

Organic fertilisers can also be mixed with compost in order to produce the complete package.   

You may be thinking that with compost, fertiliser isn’t necessary. … compost is known as a “soil amendment.” Fertiliser is different from compost in that fertiliser adds nutrients directly into your soil. Compost and fertiliser work together. Neither does its best work alone!

You can read more about fertilisers and how they work with our Guide to Fertilising your garden.

Benefits of adding organic matter to your soil:

  • It helps loosen and aerate clay soil.
  • It improves the water and nutrient holding capacity of sandy soil.
  • It provides the once-living material that attracts microorganisms, beneficial fungi, worms, and other soil-borne critters that improve the health of your plants.

Every season of the year is essential and you can’t expect to make endless ‘withdrawals’ from your garden and still have a full ‘soil bank’ remaining going into the next season.

If your plants aren’t growing well; it’s very likely your soil needs a nutrient top-up!

a gardener adding nutrient rich fertilizer to the plant bed and flowers

Thank you Atlantic Fertilisers for the valuable information contributed to this blog post!

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