The Lifestyle Garden Design Show 2023: Taking outdoor living to a new level

Lifestyle Home Garden: 6 Reasons to visit the 2023 Lifestyle Design Garden Show. Landscaping design at its best.

Find inspiration for your outdoor living oasis

Each year, Lifestyle Home Garden works in partnership with Lifestyle Design College to present you with a vision of outdoor living inspiration that was made possible by the dedication of the college’s students. They focus on landscaping elements like plants, hard surfaces, water features and so much more.

Lifestyle Design College has produced some of South Africa’s best-known landscaping designers and influential figures and continues to do this.

The 2023 Lifestyle Garden Design Show emphasises interaction with the outdoors as a source of peace, entertainment, and relationships with the environment, as well as the more fundamental pursuit of growing plants for the dinner table.

Explore innovative ideas to add freshness to your outdoor living spaces. We invite you to come and be inspired at the Lifestyle Garden Design Show running from 18 February 2023 until 31 May 2023.

The 2023 Lifestyle Design Garden Show display featuring an outdoor seating area and fire pit

6 reasons to visit the Lifestyle Garden Design Show

With the show’s ethos centred around lifestyle essences, we move ever closer to outdoor living spaces that are fully integrated with the indoors. The need for balance, harmony, peace of mind, health and pleasure is central to this vision. Visit our six designer gardens to find inspiration and new ideas to encompass this refreshing restyle of your outdoor space!

a close up of a succulent garden

1. Succulents and surprises

Wander through a garden that’s brimming with succulent plant delights and design surprises for the water-wise conscious

Our extreme weather conditions have proved that water conservation is no longer just a trend. More and more gardeners are re-wilding their gardens with native and adaptable plant species. Explore, learn and be inspired. 

vegetable garden with green spinach

2. Homegrown goodness

The COVID-19 pandemic saw an increase in people turning to their outdoor areas to grow their own food. This trend is continuing to thrive in 2023, and for good reason. Gardeners, new and old, are discovering that even with minimal space, they can produce delicious and fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. See just how well it works!

close up of hanging succulents at the Lifestyle Design Garden show

3. Artistic Display

Love interesting garden displays? Discover a space that combines clean, bold geometrics with changing levels in a modern contemporary design. 

The drama and spatial interest of a garden add to the concept of individuality and uniqueness. Gardens, more than ever, are becoming spaces to showcase personality and style. What better way to relax than in a space directly connected and created to suit your personal style? Find new ways to get creative with your outdoor spaces. 

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A lifestyle design garden showcase where an outdoor table and chairs are pictured amongst beautiful greenery

4. Proudly South African

As South African, we believe it’s important to bring in elements that are made and designed for the true South African experience.

This garden emphasises outdoor cooking the South African way, making it the ideal inspiration experience for those who enjoy spending time outside with their families while feasting. 

A blue and orange bird pictured in a South African garden, perched on a tree branch

5. Immersed in nature

Birdwatching is one of our favourite pastimes when it comes to matters centred on ecology and rest. Garden number five is the epitome of a twitcher’s haven. 

Escape the walls of your indoor spaces and sit amongst one of the most easily accessible forms of wildlife – birds. Avid bird watchers can boost their well-being, learn, explore and be inspired by gardening inspiration that not only invites wildlife but also attracts birds.

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A Lifestyle Home Garden garden show display that features colourful flowers, landscaped plants and water features

6. Down-to-earth

Within the massed grassy areas of this delightfully spacious garden, woodland becomes grassland and meadow, and small rock pools emerge.

This is where nature meets rustic living. Nature is given time and space to shine and grow as she pleases, rather than being perfectly curated by humans. If you’re looking for outdoor living inspiration that roots back to nature’s organic qualities, visit garden number six at this year’s Lifestyle Garden Show.

A lifestyle design garden showcase featuring a bee-friendly garden sign and bee-friendly flowers

Gather the family and get outdoors

The Lifestyle Centre is perfectly equipped for a fun day out for the whole family. Come adventure around these practical and exquisitely designed gardens. Your mental health will thank you.

You’ll see new products, exclusive to Lifestyle Home Garden, and creative ways to use them to suit any style and aesthetic. 

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