Growing your own Thyme

Apart from being the most attractive, aromatic and easy-to-grow herb, thyme is probably also the most used and abused plant in garden puns, none of

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Patio Gardening

Urban Greenies: Patio Gardening Our Urban living lifestyle often confines us indoors – in this segment of Urban Greenies we explore Patio Gardening as a

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Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop Gardens Gone are the days where unsightly cement rooftops are bland, flat and exuding heat. Today, flush with plants and full of colour, these

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Urban Living Ideas

Urban Living Ideas: how to green your living spaces The lives we lead in urban environments tend to confine us to brick and mortar, modern

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Vertical Gardening

What is vertical gardening? It’s the use of structure to provide visual height in your garden, providing ample space to grow food and flowers upwards.

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