Succulent Series – What to plant in Full sun

Succulents for Full Sun

Welcome to the Succulent Series. In a special three-week series we take you through which succulents are best for Full sun, partial shade and full shade. This week we explore the hardy, but beautiful varieties that will cope wonderfully in full sun.

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Join us for a very hands on journey through full-sun succulents. We show you which succulents will work, and how to plant them in an aesthetically pleasing way in a large pot or in your garden.

Step one: Decide where you wish to plant your succulents. We chose a large wooden planter, but any very sunny spot in your garden will be perfect.

Step two: Select some boulders, depending on the size of your space. They really anchor the succulents and create height, texture and visual interest. We only used one in our display.

Step three: Choose your succulents. We used a mix of:


  1. Cotyledons,
  2. Graptopetalum
  3. Pachyphytum
  4. Sedum copperstone
  5. Lampranthus- Vygies
  6. small aloes
  7. Agave Parryi
  8. Echeveria Agavoides
  9. Kalanchoe Tomentosa- panda plant


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Step four: Fill your area with soil. Supplement with good quality cactus and succulent mix, to get a good aerated soil for your succulents.

Step five: Place your boulders. In a larger garden bed it makes sense to use reasonably large boulders, but the choice is up to you which sizes you go for. Use some soil to cover the base so the rock does not look completely new, but looks part of the landscape.

Step six: Plant your chosen plants around the boulders, creating attractive clusters of plants. Remember to create visual interest with plants of different colours, height, textures and sizes.

Take into consideration the growth of each plant. Some will grow taller (cotyledons), some will grow wider (echeveria agavoides, aloes) and some will grow long stalks which need to be cut back (graptopetalum, sedum, pachyphytum).

Step seven: Finish off your area with gravel or pebbles to create a finished look. A thick layer of gravel stifles weeds too, so it’s functional and decorative.

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Care tips

Once you have planted your selected succulents and finished with pebbles, give it all a gentle watering to encourage them to establish. As with all succulents, they do not need much water.

With certain succulents such as Echeverias, the outer bottom leaves may wither and die. If this happens gently remove them. As long as the inner leaves are growing well, the plant is happy.

There are other choices…

Take note that the succulents used above are not the only succulents which will do well in hot sunny spots. These will also perform well:

  • kalanchoe luciae
  • most cotyledons
  • sempervivums
  • senecium varieties
  • crassula ovata- jade plant
  • crassula campfire
  • Echeveria hybrid gibbifloras (most succulents with tender soft fleshy leaves are NOT sun-hardy, but the Agavoides and Gibbifloras are)
  • most aloes
  • euphorbia firesticks (needs a large area to grow, as they grow tall)
  • euphorbia milii
  • Aeonium Zwartkop
  • most agaves (not Attenuata)
  • other sedums
  • Graptoveria (especially Fred Ives)

What’s the key?

The key is to have fun. Everyone’s gardening style is different- one person may choose to have very minimal plants and all pebbles! The benefit with succulents is that they are very forgiving- they appreciate neglect, and over time they really grow into beautiful, very low maintenance spaces.

Allow your creativity to guide you and enjoy the process.

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