Succulent Series – Cotyledons


Welcome back to the fourth wintery week in our  Succulent Series. This week we chat about Cotyledons. This diverse range of what we in South Africa commonly refer to as Vetplante spans from the upright Chalk plant, in its grey-blue hues, to the round leaves of the money penny bush. This perennial succulent is drought resistant and the flowers attract bees and birds.

Orbiculata- Chalk Fingers

cotyledon orbiculata chalk fingers nursery plantshop joahnnesburg gauteng

Another Orbiculata variety is Chalk fingers (pictured to the left). Long, upright, firm leaves are grey in colour, with an interesting white coating. Sometimes they feature a purple tip.  These plants are exceptionally hardy and make for a fascinating xeriscape feature plant, when planted en masse amongst rock. They too become adorned with red flowers which are delicate and bell shaped.

Orbiculata- White Lady

cotyledon orbiculata white lady nursery plantshop johannesburg

Cotyledon White lady is a unique addition to any succulent collection. The fleshy white leaves are slow to grow but are worthwhile for their showy, powdery foliage. (Here on the right) The White lady is another member of the Orbiculata family. Planted in pots with a dark gravel top dressing really makes this plant pop! Planted in a bed with various darker succulents, this cotyledon really stands out.

Bear Claw

cotyledon tomentosa bear claw succulents nursery plantshop johannesburg

The Bear Claw is a green, furry, fat-leafed plant with no stems. Its cluster-like appearance will remind you of the Panda plant, from our first blog on Kalanchoe. Its botanical name is Cotyledon Tomentosa. (On the left) It is hardy in full sun and will shoot out furry little plants from its base.



Orbiculata- Oophylla

cotyledon orbiculata ladyfingers oophylla succulents plantshop nursery johannesburg

Cotyledon Oophylla is another Orbiculata family member (pictured on the right). It is known as Lady fingers and has egg shaped leaves which look like they may have been manicured- hence the nickname. These clump forming perennials are unusual additions to any garden. They are grey-toned and may also have burnished purple tips.

Care tips

Please don’t over-water your Cotyledons! Like all succulents, they store plenty of water in their leaves and stems.

Use well draining soil. Remember to add vermiculite to your soil if it has a clay-like consistency, to add aeration. Or purchase ready to use Cactus and Succulent mix soils from Lifestyle Home Garden.

Beautify your succulent collection:

Our stunning array of glass pots is available in a vast array of colours, shapes, sizes and textures. Many succulents can be planted as indoor plants, and choosing glass is an environmentally responsible way of reducing the amount of plastic that gets thrown away each year.

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