Are you thinking of dipping your toes into the wonderful world of gardening, but the tools maketh the task so much lighter and you don’t have them?  Really not a problem. All you need to get going and successfully grow and raise your plants are a few basics depending on the size and nature of your gardening space and your personal needs.


  • Hand trowel/transplanterThis is your first essential whether you’re gardening on a windowsill, balcony, or in the garden.  You will find it very handy for digging small holes, potting plants, and planting and transplanting seedlings and smaller plants.
  • Hand Fork:  This tool is very useful to loosen and turn compacted soil in small spaces before planting as well as to remove weeds in beds.
  • Hand Rake/CultivatorVery convenient for loosening up and aerating top soil and breaking up clumps of soil, the hand rake can also be used to level the soil in a small bed before sowing and planting and to rake up leaves and debris. For larger gardens and lawns a longer garden rake or lawn rake will help to clear up leaves and lawn cuttings.
  • Secateurs/PrunersThese are handy for gardens big and small, to remove dead or diseased flowers and leaves, prune thin to medium branches, and generally keep your plants in shape.
  • WeederA narrow, two-pronged tool that makes weeding in small spaces without disturbing your plants a breeze. It is also great to remove weeds between pavers and around walls.
  • Bowsaw:   The bowsaw is needed to prune branches on larger shrubs and trees that are too thick to cut with secateurs. You could also use a lopper for this job.


  • Using a watering can is a very water-savvy way to water smaller areas and pots on balconies and patios and it’s good exercise too!  They come in all sizes depending on your watering needs.  Lifestyle Home Garden has indoor watering cans available that are beautiful enough to form part of your décor. 
  • For larger areas or if you can’t carry a watering can around, invest in a good quality hose with an attachable hand sprayer with a stop valve to prevent wastage.  For balconies and patios, a wall-mountable retractable hose will save on space and ensure that the hose is always at hand.

NOT IMMEDIATELY ESSENTIAL equipment that will enhance your new gardening adventure are:

  • A good pair of gardening gloves to protect your hands and nails from dirt, thorns and potential irritants.
  • A wheelbarrow for larger garden areas to move soil, plants or bags of compost and fertiliser.
  • A kneeling pad to protect your knees when planting or weeding.
  • A planting mat, particularly for balconies or paved patios, to make cleaning up after planting easier.

ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL, however, is a sun hat, sunscreen, and oodles of enthusiasm!  And remember…the very knowledgeable staff at Lifestyle Home Garden are always eager to share and help.

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