Sowing Your Sweet Peas

Sweet Peas are arguably the prettiest of the Autumn seeds with their bright colours and heavenly scent, not to mention the fact that they make gorgeous cut flowers for vases or in bunches as gifts to friends.

Let us show you how to sow these spring flowering beauties in your own garden…

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Sowing the Seeds

  • Soak your Sweet Pea seeds in lukewarm water over night before you want to plant them.
  • Choose a sunny area where you want to plant your Sweet Peas.
  • Dig down approximately 15cm and loosen the soil.
  • Mix in a general compost and superphosphate/bonemeal (do not use bonemeal if you have dogs).
  • Turn the soil, compost and superphosphate/bonemeal mixture with a fork.
  • Make a small trench spreading seeds as indicated on the seed packet and cover with soil.
  • Make sure after planting that you water well – you should water every day until the seeds have germinated. Thereafter, water as much as is needed to just keep the top layer of soil moist (not swimming, just comfortable) at all times. Watering is vital in ensuring that your seeds grow into flowering beauties!
  • Once green leaves appear feed with a granular fertiliser/multifeed.

Sweet Pea Seeds

When sowing Sweet Peas it is imperative to select a sunny area and to follow the spacing directions on your seed packet for optimum growth.

It is also recommended to choose somewhere along a fence or trellis where, in spring, the slender tendrils of the climbing varieties can find support.


The more you pick of your flowering Sweet Peas, the more they flower!

So when spring comes around and you have a flush of beautiful blooms be sure to pick them for your vases and to share them with your friends – because when it comes to the prettiest of the spring flowering flowers, being generous only results in being rewarded!

Sweet Peas are but one of the numerous colourful and sprightly options of Autumn seeds available now, choose your favourites and simply follow the instructions on the seed packet for easy success!

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