Shopping for Indoor Plants

Shopping for Indoor Plants

We understand that it can be extremely overwhelming and completely daunting to embrace the idea of shopping for indoor plants and to decide to bring greenery indoors. But fear not because we at Lifestyle Home Garden have filled our trolley and created a shopping guide to help you conquer this exciting journey of discovery!

Download a printable version of our shopping list by clicking |HERE|

shopping for indoor plants JohannesburgShopping for Indoor Plants

Shopping for indoor plants from a nursery is advantageous for any gardener – experienced or the contrary – given that the plants have been expertly cared for right up until the point that you ecstatically place your new find onto your trolley to be wheeled out on its way to its new home.

Visit us and find a friendly member of the Lifestyle Home Garden sales team, in joyful green golf shirts, and explain to them the space for which you are plant shopping and what they can suggest as a suitable indoor option. Additionally, you can follow our blog for posts about indoor plant suggestions that can suit your gardening experience and for those that appeal to you and your specific home or office spaces.

Be conscious of the shape that you are looking for. Be it tall and slender for open spaces, short and trailing for high shelves, compact, arching or even bushy, there is always a variety of indoor plants to choose from that will suit your specific needs.

Once you have found the plant that best suits your needs, get ‘touchy-feely’ with the plants; pick them up, check the leaves and look for the most luscious option of the lot.

Potting Indoor Plants

Once you have chosen your plant, it’s time to consider the pot. Most plants are sold in plastic pots with drainage holes at the bottom or bags. You may prefer to place your new plant in a more appealing pot or even a more decorative pot cover. Whichever option you choose, it is important that the plant itself is potted in a pot with drainage holes.

If you are going to use a decorative pot cover, you will need to keep your new plant in its original pot with drainage holes or purchase a new plastic pot with drainage holes, into which you can repot your new plant. Thereafter you can choose an ornamental pot – this must be larger than the functional plastic pot – within which you can place your new potted plant.

Please note that if you use an ornamental pot cover it is important to remove your potted plant (in its functional plastic pot cover) from the pot cover when watering. Once you have watered and have let the pot drain slightly, you can then place it back into the pot cover.

Shopping for Indoor plants

If you prefer to plant your new plant into a functional pot without an ornamental pot cover, there are in fact many decorative options of functional pots with drainage holes to choose from; glazed coloured pots, terracotta pots or even concrete pots in various colours.

The pot you choose should be slightly bigger than the pot/bag that you have bought your plant in. Follow our Potting Indoor Plants step by step guide to assist you in repotting your new plant into your chosen pot.

Thereafter you must find a saucer to fit with your chosen pot. Saucers are not imperative, but not only do they assist with saving extra water, they also add an extra appeal and finish off the look of your new potted plant.

There are some additional products that you may need if you are repotting your new indoor plant:

  • Small stones (to assist with drainage at the base of your pot)
  • Potting soil
  • Watering Can
  • Leaf shine
  • Gardening gloves
  • Potting trowel

Taking your Indoor Plants Home

Once you have loaded your trolley with everything you need to embark on this amazing journey of Discovering Your Wild, it’s time to get to the real work!

Choosing the right space, with the right lighting and best overall conditions for your new plant is a vital task in embracing indoor plants. You may have done this already and come shopping with a specific idea in mind, that’s great! If not, it is very important to consider the lighting needs of your new plant and how best to showcase it in your indoor space.

Understand the needs of your specific plant. If you are a newbie to indoor plants asking us questions and doing some research will go a long way in ensuring the overall success of your journey. See our blog for information as we continue to post about the various indoor plants, consult the price tag on the plant itself or ask one of our trusty information team (found at our inside and outside information) who have expert knowledge and professional advice to help you and your plants thrive!

Ultimately this is a journey of discovery and by having the courage to just start the experience, you will learn as you progress. Plants are living organisms and naturally they will show you when they are unhappy. As time goes on, with a little help from us along the way obviously, you will start to understand your plants needs and easily become in-tune with what they are telling you.

Download a printable version of our shopping list by clicking |HERE|


Embrace the challenge, run wild with your imagination and let the plants take over!

Discover Your Wild with Indoor Plants

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