Sansevieria: Snake Plant

Sansevieria; Snake Plant/Mother in Law’s Tongue

The Sansevieria (san-suh-veer-ee-uh), often called an Elephants toothpick – which is so fitting for these statement plants with interesting sword like leaves – has succulent like adaptations and is virtually indestructible. This makes this wonderful focal plant adaptable to different conditions and low maintenance. With their robust, textured green, partially spiraled leaves that extend vertically from the pot in a striking shape this indigenous plant is the ideal addition to your indoor spaces.

Perfect for office and home spaces, with a multitude of benefits, minimal care requirements and a striking appearance, all you need to do is pair this plant with a heavy pot of choice and you have made the best first step in Discovering Your Wild and learning how to #livein!

Visit our Potting Indoor Plants blog by clicking |here| to learn how to pot up your new indoor plants. The Sansevieria can grow over 1m tall so a strong pot is essential for this plant, however you can always start relative to its current size and repot into a bigger pot as the plant grows bigger.

The Sansevieria is commonly referred to as:Sansevieria; Snake Plant. Discover Your Wild with Indoor Plants

Snake Plant or Mother in Law’s Tongue

Water Requirements for Sansevieria/Snake Plants:

Does not need a lot of water. So a good watering once a week will suffice. It is important not to over water, so always feel the soil with your fingers and only when it is dry water it again. 

Ideal Light Conditions for Sansevieria/Snake Plants:

These plants will appreciate a light area, but can survive in very low light conditions. They can tolerate from low light areas to bright light areas. They are also often used outdoors in shady spaces and are very adaptable to most conditions.

Benefits of Sansevieria/Snake Plants:

The Snake Plant cleans air better than most other indoor plants as it has the ability to absorb excessive amounts of carbon monoxide. Additionally, it emits oxygen and filters other toxins from the air such as benzene, xylene, trichloroethylene and formaldehyde. When placed in office and home spaces Snake Plants can assist in increasing productivity, decreasing stress, fostering happy vibes and enriching overall well-being and health.

General Care for Sansevieria/Snake Plants:

These remarkable plants are low maintenance and easy to keep alive. Just give them some occasional TLC, a little bit of light and avoid overwatering.

If the leaves start turning yellow, this is usually an indication that you have watered too much. Move the plant to a warmer spot and be cautious to only water as the plant needs (when the soil is dry to the touch – stick your finger about a cm into the soil and test for moisture)

At Lifestyle Home Garden we sell a number of varieties of Sansevieria’s which can be found both in our indoor plant section, as well as our outdoor nursery. Visit us and look for one of our friendly Sales Team members in green Lifestyle golf shirts to assist you in finding what you need!

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