Salad Bowl

Tired of those slimy, lifeless salad greens in your fridge?

Craving for the goodness of crisp, freshly picked Salad Greens that will nourish your body?

Now it is easy and convenient to grow your own Healthy Living Herbs Salad Bowl and always have some fresh Lettuce, Rocket, Coriander, Parsley and Mint available. You just snip off what you need and you will instantly have all the basic ingredients for a healthy green salad. Regular picking of fresh leaves will encourage your plants to grow better and keep producing more – a very good reason to make sure you have a daily green salad.

Sprinkle some homemade salad dressing on to make it extraordinary, not only in taste, but also adding nutrition and antioxidants. Choose your favourite herbs from the garden and mix it with a healthy oil plus lemon juice or a fruit based vinegar. Season to taste. A great herb mix for flavour and health benefits include thyme, parsley, basil, rosemary and garlic.

Here are a few more tips to take care of Your Salad Bowl:

“Out of sight, Out of mind”

  • Place the bowl in a sunny position, as close as possible to your kitchen door for easy access.

“Morning, Sunshine!”

  • Morning sun is the best to ensure tasty, crisp greens. The midday sun or late afternoon sun may be too hot and you end up with tougher, more bitter greens.
  • Place it where it gets at least 4 hours direct sunlight and you will be rewarded with tasty, palatable greens.

“Easy-Peasy feeding”

  • Make life super easy for yourself and sprinkle some slow release organic fertilizer on top of the soil, in-between the plants. This will ensure a steady supply of nutrients to keep Your Salad Bowl in tip-top condition.

Healthy Living Herb Salad Bowls are available in funky Pink, Purple, Lime Green and Terra Cotta colours to brighten up every garden or patio area.

You can find these awesome salad bowls and other herbs in our Feed From Your Garden area to the far left of our main walkway in our outside nursery…

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