Our Recycled Shopping Bags

Our NEW Recycled, Reusable Shopping Bags

In partnership with OnForm Clothing and Promotional Goods as well as Wonder Fertilizer, we have created reusable shopping bags, from durable recycled fertiliser bags, in 3 different sizes.

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Purchasing Our Recycled Shopping Bags

Please be a part of this recycling project, proudly created by Lifestyle Home Garden, in partnership with OnForm Clothing and Promotional Goods as well as Wonder Fertilizer by looking out for these bags at our till points.

These bags are available in-store for you to purchase as an alternative to our recyclable and reusable plastic shopping bags:

Large = R10

Medium = R8

Small = R5,50

Help Us Be the Change that the World Needs

In the hope of eradicating the need for plastic shopping bags, we have been sourcing alternative options to suit our customers. We always want to encourage sustainability and recycling, and as such sought out a material that we knew our customers and suppliers could assist us in collecting and recycling/reusing.

With the expertise of our partner OnForm Clothing and Promotional Goods we figured out a way to transform some old redundant fertiliser bags donated by our long term supplier, Efekto, into reusable shopping bags that suit the products that we sell.

recycled reusable shopping bags

How our Recycled Shopping Bags are Made:

The bags are made from redundant fertilizer bags which we have repurposed into very strong, sturdy reusable shopping bags.

No chemical or combustion process was used in the process of transforming the fertilizer bags into shopping bags; the bags are simply sewn and die cut into the new size and shape.

recycled reusable shopping bags

Please support our initiative and purchase these bags to test out and use!

Based on the success of this pilot project, we hope to get more fertilizer companies on board, ask our customers to bring old bags back into store to be repurposed and eventually offer these reusable bags at other retail outlets…

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recycled reusable shopping bags

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