Fig Black Genoa

Black Genoa Fig

The Black Genoa Fig – botanical name, Ficus carina cultivar “BLACK GENOA” – produces a very large, fat pear shaped fig with prominent ribs and a distinctive hollow centre. The skin colour is brownish purple to purplish black, with a strawberry pink flesh and good sweet taste.

The fruit ripens from January to February and it is an excellent variety for city gardens and containers as it is a naturally compact slower growing tree which can easily be kept smaller with some pruning.

This fruit tree has a spreading growth habit of about 3m by 3m but can grow bigger if regularly pruned. It is a heavy bearer with a good taste if left to mature properly on the tree. Good for fresh eating or preserves.

Figs need a very hot and sunny place, and it is very important to water consistently.

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Full Sun
Keep plants well watered during Spring and early Summer months
Feed monthly with a 2:3:4 fertiliser from September to February
Tolerant of moderate frost once established