Cherry ‘Lapins’ Dwarf

Dwarf Lapins Cherry

These exciting new semi-dwarf cherry trees (3,5 m x 2m) are suitable for small gardens, container planting (min 50L pot) or a small urban orchard, offering beautiful white cherry blossoms in mid-September and delicious cherries in early summer.  The clusters of large, mahogany red fruit have red, sweet tasting flesh with a firm texture.  Fruit ripens from late November.

NOTE:  Lapins is self-pollinating and requires no other variety for cross-pollination


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Full sun - at least 6 hours of sun per day
Once to twice a week in summer, depending on rainfall. Only every 10 days in winter
Requires a fertile, well-drained soil. Its roots do not want to sit in water.
Ideal for containers and small urban gardens