Kids Korner – Potting up a plant for the Month of Love

Potting up a plant for the Month of Love

Welcome to the Kids Korner in 2019.  In celebration of the Month of Love we have a sweet project for the little ones to get involved in. Take a healthy amount of dirt, loads of colour and add a good dose of fun to create this fun Valentines Month project.

kids korner lifestyle home garden johannesburg gauteng nursery plant shopLevel of difficulty: Easy

What is needed?

  • Some brightly coloured pots in any size (available at Lifestyle Home Garden)
  • Potting soil/ seedling mix
  • Vibrant seasonal seedlings. We have the most beautiful selection for you to choose from
  • Gardening gloves
  • Small gardening spade
  • Newspaper
  • Small pebbles, marbles, glass pebbles and other decorative items

How do we plant it all up?

  1. Spread some newspaper over your work surface. Let the kids place some small pebbles in the bases of the pots to allow for better drainage.
  2. Decide which seedlings to place in the pots. Help the kids pry the seedlings out of the plastic containers.
  3. Gently loosen the roots of each seedling without breaking them.
  4. Place potting soil in each pot and make spaces for the seedlings to nestle into.
  5. With care, plant the seedlings into the pots and tamp the soil down gently. Do not compress too much.
  6. Depending on the size of the pot, more seedlings can be added.
  7. Water the potted plant well, so that water runs out of the bottom of the pot.
  8. The little ones can now decorate the surface of the pots with pebbles, clear glass stones or marbles, feathers, or decorative hearts. There is the most amazing selection of fairies at the nursery decor section from which to choose a beautiful resident for your potted flowers.

kids korner lifestyle home garden nursery plant shop month love fairy strawberries seedlingsVariations

Remember that you need not only use flowers. Herbs and small vegetable plants are a wonderful idea if you have a sunny windowsill on which to place them.

A bright red pot filled with strawberries is an amazing way to bring these sweet fruits to your kitchen or patio space.

The Benefits of including children in gardening activities…

  • The interaction with wildlife and living things creates mental and physical stimulation.
  • Kids are taught patience and responsibility, and gradually, a sense of accomplishment.
  • They learn how food and plants grow.
  • Sensory play enhances health, and keeps them active.


Display the potted plants in areas, indoors or outdoors, that will receive morning sun and afternoon shade. Encourage the kids to water them every couple of days and to continue to nurture them. Have fun!

As an add on:

Lifestyle Home Garden has a fabulous and funky children’s section with splash-resistant boots, gardening tools, pots of seeds for them to plant, garden-themed statues and more. Visit us to have a look!

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If you see your children thrive in the garden, or if you wish to get them outdoors, visit our sister blog all about Gardening with Kids. You will be treated to even more insight on the elements involved in gardening with children.


Have you been gardening with the kids? We would love to see what you and your children get up to in the garden! Tag us on Instagram using the hashtags  #lifestylehomegarden and #lifestylekidskorner and the tag @LifestyleHomeGarden so that we can see your posts!

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