Plastic Free July Giveaway


PLASTIC FREE JULY is recognised as a month of heightened awareness and action, so there is an enormous amount of social media and publicity around this global initiative. Take responsibility for your actions here on earth this month!

In recognition of #PlasticFreeJuly Lifestyle Home Garden is collaborating with some wonderful brands to bring you a host of prizes to celebrate and embrace a plastic-free lifestyle.

The Refillery SA is a beloved store known for its plastic-free shopping options

Stand to win when you lead by example:

Don’t miss our exciting collab between ZeroBar, The Refillery SA and Lifestyle Home Garden! Win phenomenal prizes when you tell us how you are making a positive change in your daily life.

Enter by responding to any of our email newsletters in the month of July, commenting on any of our social media posts or by sending an email to, thereby telling us about your plastic-free journey, or it’s beginnings! You can make a change.

What would you do to participate in Plastic Free July?

How can I live a more plastic-free life?

Here are a few suggestions to living a more Waste-Free life: (the full list can be found on our original Waste Free Living blog, linked |HERE|)

  1. Compost! Create a compost heap in your garden where you can dispose of compostable waste. By doing so, you create your own nutrient-rich organic material to use in your garden, whilst reducing the amount thrown away. Any peels, skins from fruits and vegetables, eggshells, teabags, coffee grinds, green leafy garden waste, and other hardier garden refuse can be composted. Layers of waste are built up, and decay over time to create beautiful rich fertile compost. Start indoors with a composting bin or Bokashi bin, into which scraps are thrown. Use your Bokashi to dispose of waste – even meat products! Click |HERE| to read more about Bokashi bins.
  2. Use Recycled bags and fabric shoppers when you pop out for groceries. There is a variety of knitted, woven, printed and up-cycled ones available in most retail outlets. Purchase up-cycled shoppers made from fertiliser bags – these sturdy bags are on display near the main tills and come in a variety of sizes.
  3. Support local stores that specialises in zero-waste options. One idea is The Refillery, a store that offers zero-waste products to support your transition. Fill up with pantry staples, bathroom and cleaning products, and more. Your items are packaged in brown paper or glass, you never need to throw away single use plastic, and your purchases are done by weight, so you buy only what you need. (We love this concept!)
  4. ZeroBar is another hero when it comes to an online waste-free options. Get your beautiful head of hair the organic, plastic free way – with Zerobar. There’s only re-useable tin packaging for purchase, so you know your purchase is a sustainable choice.

Does gardening count as a plastic-free contribution?

Of course! Get started on your own veggie patch – this is the simplest and most rewarding way to reduce your carbon footprint, plastic usage and food bill. You can also choose plastic-free or waste-free gardening tools. This only enhances the value of this activity. Check out Jiffy germination and planting trays which break down in the soil, and Baba pots, which are biodegradable in landfill. Artevasi is a Portuguese pot brand made of 66% recycled plastics. Lifestyle Home Garden sells these amazing products, so feel free to ask in-store.

Prizes from Zerobar, a shop that prides itself on it’s waste and plastic-free solutions.
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