This vast and diverse group of plants includes towering tree aloes to fine-leafed groundcovers which together can create a low maintenance and effective landscape.

Whether you choose Aloes, Crassula, Echevaria or Portulacaria our selection of succulents is beyond splendid. And with their ability to store water in their leaves or swollen stems not only are they ideally suited to our climate but they add that luscious look every garden yearns for.


Annual seedlings provide splashes of brightness to the garden in every imaginable colour. There are seedlings for every season and for every position in your garden, be it in the sun or shade.

Pansies, Petunias, Marigolds, Impatiens, Primulas and Begonias are a few of the favourites, but the options here are endless. Just pop into Lifestyle and our plant advisors will be able to find a seedling to suit what you are looking for with ease.


With their aromatic foliage, herbs have a multitude of uses from culinary to health-promoting and medicinal. Herbs can be incorporated into your vegetable garden, grown outside your kitchen for easy access during cooking and are well suited to containers.

Basil, Mint, Parsley, Coriander and Oregano are but a few of the herbs that we have on selection. Be it small pots, seedlings, seeds, big pots or herb mixes we have it all. And just look a little down the walkway to find the perfect pot or planter to help you get your herb garden going.


Indoor plants soften interiors with their lush, tropical foliage. Ranging from palms and small trees to colourful or leafy pot plants, not only do they decorate but they also remove impurities and toxins from the air.

Whether it’s Bamboo palms, a Ficus, Peace lilies or Poinsettias that you are looking for, our range of tabletop plants, shrubs or even trees are sure to tickle your fancy and help you to add that natural refreshing touch to any indoor space.


Our wide range of fruit trees, berry plants and vegetables make it easy to grow your own healthy food. Create your own Garden of Eden in your backyard or even in containers on the windowsill and let you and your family feed from your garden.

Whether it’s Lemon trees, Olive trees, Granadilla, Blueberries, Tomatoes, Peppers or Lettuce we have the seedlings, trees and shrubs for you to grow and pick from in your own garden.


Germinate your own colourful annuals, vegetables and herbs, as well lawn grasses with our extensive seed range. With many heirloom varieties, flowering plants and edibles such as Marigolds, Spinach, Sweet Peas, Tomatoes and Alyssum you can pick and choose the perfect combination that you can watch grow and prosper.


Shrubs form the backbone of the garden with their lush foliage. Varying in shape and size, they provide seasonal interest with their greenery, flowers and fragrance whilst assisting in creating a screen or backdrop for other plants.

Our selection of Hibiscus, Azalea, Syzigium, Viburnum and Freylinia, amongst other exquisite shrubs, are sure to fill up your garden with beauty and ease.


Trees are most remarkable, as the largest plants on the planet, they have the ability to clean the air, provide us with oxygen, combat climate change, indicate seasonal changes, provide a habitat and shelter for wildlife, supply us with wood and food, prevent soil erosion and assist in saving water. Trees can define the garden whilst playing an important environmental role.

Make this important plant choice from our wide selection; be it a Fever tree, Wild plum or Coral tree visit us to find the perfect one for your garden.

Colour Perennials

Whether its Osteospermum, Pelargonium, Lavender, Gaura or Angellonia, perennials provide months of colour in different seasons, coming up again year after year. As a constant in the garden perennials help define your style and keep you surprised and enthused year after year, so be sure to pick many varieties for that yearly joy.

Ground Cover

As the floors to a garden, these low growing plants form a mat or low mound for any open space. They can provide seasonal colour and create a living mulch conserving water and helping prevent soil erosion. Our large variety includes Bacopa, Mentha, Lamium, Lysimachia, Lotus Vine, Dichondra and many more.

Water Plants

Suitable for ponds, wetlands and the edges of water features, water plants play an important role in cleaning and oxygenating water. They can provide food and shelter for aquatic creatures whilst adding a pleasant colour pop and lush style in marshy areas. Pick Water lilies, Papyrus, Water irises or Star grass to add that little extra to your water feature and marshy area in your garden.


As an ancient Asian form of art and contemplation, these miniature trees can create an aura even in small patio areas. Whether you are looking for a Serissa foetida, a large Ficus Microcarpa Nitida, a small Acacia burkei or a grow your own from seed, we have an outstanding selection to choose from, along with the care kits made just for these exotic beauties.


Rambling over arches and up trellises, on walls and fences; creepers have a romance about them – whether it’s the fiery autumn foliage of Boston ivy or the scented flowers of the jasmines and wisterias to the subtropical blooms of Dipladenias, you are sure to find the creeper that works for your space.

Our range varies from Jasminum polyanthemum (Chinese/ winter jasmine) to Star jasmine (Trachelospermum), Mandevillea, Wisteria and the Tickey creeper (Ficus pumila). Pair these with our trellises, or a metal ware obelisk and you have the perfect garden feature.

Sculptural Plants

Plants with architectural forms can invigorate the garden by adding drama and excitement. Use our range of sculptural plants, whether it’s Cycas revolute, Agave, Cordyline, Phormium, Yucca or Cyathea as focal points, either individually or in groups. These bold beauties also make ideal container plants and are generally low maintenance.


Palms can create a tropical touch with their lush, evergreen leaves. They are easy to grow, versatile and can add height and structure even in limited spaces, both indoors and outdoors. Choose your favourite from our selection of Cocos plumose, Seaforthia elegans, Phoenix roebelinii, Chamaerops humilis and many more.

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