Planting Trees

Planting Trees

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Source: A practical guide for the South African Gardener

Many new gardeners concentrate on evergreens because they feel that it is less messy, but all evergreens lose a few leaves right through the year. Your choice of an evergreen or a deciduous tree may depend more on the purpose for which the tree is planted.

Whatever your decision, you need to take the following in consideration:

Selecting a healthy tree

  1.  Choose a tree with the same care that you would choose a piece of furniture for your house.  It is going to be a dominant feature in the garden for a long time.
  2.  Pick one with a good root system and a sturdy, evenly distributed branch system with a central leading shoot.
  3. Avoid trees whose branches are heavier or denser on one side than on the other.
  4. Never buy a tree whose roots have been left in the open to dry out.
  5. Danger signals are leaves that turn brown or drop off, even though the soil is damp.

Planting tips:

When planting a large tree, you will need a stake, 5 cm thick and tall enough to drive 60 cm into the ground, while leaving sufficient stake to support the stem up to the point where the branches start.  Drive the stake into the bottom of the hole before you settle the tree in beside it, otherwise you could damage the root system.

Mix Bio Ganic All Purpose fertiliser with your soil when planting the tree.  It is completely safe to use and will help with root development. Tie the tree firmly to the stakes, but avoid strangling it. Water well.

Caring for your tree and the environment.

The best way to improve your soil is to add compost and organic fertiliser regularly.

Atlantic Fertilisers offers a full range of fertilisers that are safe to use when planting trees.

We recommend you use the Bio Ganic All Purpose or the Bio Ocean fertiliser. Both products are suitable for all plants, including indigenous trees and will not burn the roots.

How to apply

Indigenous:  Apply 50-100 g per plant every 10 – 12 weeks.

Flowers and Shrubs:  Apply 100 g per square metre every 6 – 8 weeks

Trees:  Apply 500 g per tree for each year of the tree’s age, (up to 2.5kg) every 10 + 12 weeks.

Thank you Atlantic Fertilisers for this useful information. For more detail on their products visit their website |HERE|

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