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Urban Greenies: Patio Gardening

Our Urban living lifestyle often confines us indoors – in this segment of Urban Greenies we explore Patio Gardening as a means to break away from the indoors and make a connection with the outdoor world.

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Patio Spaces

Finding the solution to a once dull patio space is enlightening. Once your patio space is brimming with plants, soft colours and furnishings, the ambient lighting you have always Pinterested about, and little personal touches have been added- your patio will feel like a dream.

Think beyond your current structure…

Start with what you have. A small wooden terrace and a covered permanently louvered verandah both hold their own potential.

Even the smallest space holds immense possibility and it takes imagination, and a few ideas, to transform it into an idyllic space. Screens can be made with hedges – dividing spaces and forming walls. A sense of structure can be emulated using trellising. Think outside of the box to achieve what you want structurally.

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Furniture plays a role…

Find the furniture that fits your space, or make your own. Logs and cinder blocks make for easy seating and table arrangements, as do pallets. We have linked a fabulous site |HERE| where you can find easy-to-assemble cinder block furniture.

If budget allows, cane furniture or proper outdoor furniture is a winner and will contribute greatly to the aesthetic and feel of you patio. Lifestyle Home Garden sells gorgeous Bistro sets and seating – pop in store to check it out!

The gorgeous Suzelle DIY has a seating solution that also uses cinder blocks – check it out below:

Greening your Patio spaces:

Lets start with Pots…

Pots are the essential patio accessory! From groups of pots planted with shade loving plants and herbs to organised rows of potted up flowers, elevated shelves of smaller succulent pots, or large statement pots with ornamental shrubs. Pots really do open up a world of possibilities that do not exist when garden beds don’t feature.

Find an exquisite array at Lifestyle Home Garden -from tom thumb sized miniature clay pots to gorgeous larger-than-life genuine Italian terracotta pots, and every embellished and glazed variety and size between!

Learn how to plant up containers |HERE| and watch our How-To video about potting plants by clicking on the video link below:

Look into the possibility of vertical gardens…

Growing food, flowers and herbs vertically is a great way to reduce space taken on the floor, and utilise space to the max.

Consider vertical trellissing, pre-fabricated moulded planters, sack planters or stacked sinder blocks as options to grow upwards! There are of course a myriad of solutions to growing vertically.

Lifestyle Home gardens stocks the gorgeous City Gardening range by Gardena, which makes life super simple. Alternatively we have beautiful schweschwe hanging planters and hard-wearing plastic stackable planters.

Stackable planting units are handy for this type of garden wall (pictured alongside). Alternatively with an actual wall structure, greenery can be incorporated by using wall mounted planters. They are so diverse in colour and design and really can be quite beautiful if used as a group, for a fresh look.

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Embrace your patio space

An Urban patio space becomes an urban jungle with plentiful pots and gorgeous growing greens. Whether you opt for loads of planted up veg, or a delightful array of seasonal annuals, perennial shrubs or potted fruit trees, the options are really endless. Forge a mini Potager garden (French for kitchen garden) by scattering planter boxes and filling them with seasonal produce, flowers and herbs.

Alternatively, a hanging wonderland of suspended vining plants creates depth and interest, and will up your trendiness-score amongst plant-friends in a big way!

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Moving away from the house…

An urban trend which is on the rise, is the standalone outdoor living room. The free-standing structure is actually removed from the house, and is set in the middle of the garden, or at the far end. A ‘curtain of planting‘ can be established between the home and this modern ‘gazebo’ of sorts, integrating plants and greenery into a brick and mortar construction.

Email us at if you would like us to feature your non-traditional garden as a Guest Gardener, and check out our previous Guest Gardeners |HERE| and our other Urban Greenies blogs |HERE|

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