Pantone Colour of the Year: Ultraviolet

Pantone Colour of the Year- Ultraviolet

Incorporating bright violetshues of blue and undertones of purple into your garden is an easy way to get the freshest up-to-date colour trend in your garden!

The Pantone colour of the Year is Ultraviolet, and we at Lifestyle Home Garden have an amazing array of flowering plants for you to choose from.

We show you how to pot up Midnight Sky and purple petunias to bring some bright colour to your Winter outdoor space.

Step 1:

Choose your Ultraviolet flowers and your pot. We’ve chosen a terracotta pot, large enough to plant a few varieties of petunias.

Ensure the pot has a drainage hole at the bottom.

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Step 2:

Place pebbles or stones in the base of the pot to ensure soil doesn’t simply leak out when the plant is watered.

This also assists with water drainage and will keep the roots of the plant happier for longer.

nursery plant shop petunia pantone colour of the year ultraviolet gravel pots flowers winter johannesburg gauteng


Step 3:

Add plenty of good quality potting soil to your pot. You don’t need to fill the entire pot as the potted plant will have it’s own soil too.

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Step 4:

Loosen the edges of your plant with a garden spade and pry the plant loose. Gently loosen the root system with your fingers, trying not to break too many roots.

Lower the plant gently into the potting soil.

nursery plant shop ultraviolet pantone colour year petunia lifestyle johannesburg gauteng winter garden


Step 5:

If you wish to add more plants to the pot, remove them from their plastic pots and add to the terracotta pot. We used both Midnight Sky petunias and purple petunias to really make use of the beautiful violet blooms.

We also love these colours for their bee-attracting qualities!

petunia garden winter pantone colour year 2018 nursery plant shop johannesburg gauteng

Step 6:

Add additional soil to the pot if necessary and press down with a slight pressure. This is important to ensure there are no air bubbles in the soil. Do not compact too much- just enough to ensure the roots are snug and happy.

nursery plant shop pantone colour year 2018 untraviolet potting soil repotting petunias gardening winter johannesburg gauteng


Step 7:

Use your favourite watering can to gently water your plants.

The plant may feel a bit distressed after being re-homed so it needs some care and to be watched. If the blooms start wilting the the plant may need water. Place in a sunny spot as petunias enjoy full sun.

If you are unsure of when to water, it’s simple! Use the finger test. Stick your finger into the soil- if it is dry, now is a good time to give it a watering. If the soil still feels moist, then it does not need to be watered just yet.

nursery plant shop lifestyle pantone colour year 2018 petunias gardening repotting johannesburg gauteng winter garden

Helpful Hints:

One can learn to tell if a plant needs watering by lifting the pot. If it feels heavy, it has sufficient water. If it feels light, it needs water.

Deadheading petunias and pansies encourages new growth and will ensure they bloom throughout the cold season. Simply remove the dead flower by its base, leaving all green parts of the plant intact.

We hope this has been helpful and that you feel encouraged to try potting up some beautiful Ultraviolet blooms. Lifestyle Home Garden has a gorgeous array of Pansies, Petunias, Salvia and other purple-toned blooming plants to try out.

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