Palms/Palm Trees

Palms are sculptural plants with dramatic arching fronds that extend from a thick base and function excellently as focal plants for leafy lusciousness in a bright indoor spacePalms are slow growing indoors and easily adaptable to indoor spaces.

Creating an exotic atmosphere and tropical vibe, palms are the perfect plants to help you Discover Your Wild and create that indoor jungle you so desire.

Palm varieties available at Lifestyle Home Garden:Discover Your Wild with indoor plants like palms and palm trees

  • Bamboo Palm (Chrysalidocarpus lutescens and Chamaedorea seifritzii)
  • Kentia Palm (Howea Fosterana)
  • Small Love Palms

Water requirements for Palms:

Water regularly. Palms can tolerate less watering, but it is better to water on a fairly regular basis and only just let the soil dry out between watering’s. Do not over water, this will not be good for your palm.

A serious lack of water can turn the leaf tips brown. Just cut off the brown area and make sure that you are only just letting the soil dry out before watering again.

Ideal Light Conditions for Palms:

Palms can adapt to low light conditions – as outdoor plants, they thrive in shade positions – and thus make wonderful indoor plants. Avoid direct sunlight and place this tropical beauty in a bright space with indirect light.

Benefits of indoor plants

Benefits of Palms:

Palms assist in cleaning and purifying indoor air by absorbing formaldehyde and xylene. Like the sword fern, palms act as a natural humidifier. In general, palms purify the air by removing toxins, help to deter illness, ease tension and lower stress, ultimately creating a relaxed and happy ambience whilst helping you to ultimately work better through improved concentration, heightened attention, enhanced creativity, increased productivity and enriched overall well-being.

General Care for Palms:

Because palms are slow growing indoors and easily adaptable to indoor spaces, they are generally easy to care for. If you can keep them in a brightly lit area away from direct sunlight and are conscientious about watering then your tropical palm will just thrive in your indoor space. If the leaves turn brown, just prune the frond from the plant. New leaves sprout every year so it is ok if you have to prune away some leaves every now and then.

We also understand that shopping for indoor plants can be daunting when you are not sure exactly how or what to do, so we have put together a Shopping for Indoor Plants Guide to help you Discover Your Wild with indoor plants.

Click |HERE| for your downloadable version of our Shopping for Indoor Plants Guide

Discover Your Wild with indoor plants like palms and palm trees


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