What is a non-traditional garden space?

What is a non-traditional garden space?

A non-traditional garden space is outside of the confines of the traditional landscaped manicured garden… 

The definition of a non-traditional garden space is a place which would normally not be considered as planting space. Walls can be made into living walls of green. Entire dividing screens can be manufactured from a trellis and a cleverly chosen creeping plant.

If you live in a towering block of flats, an urban apartment, informal settlement, or garden cottages; chances are you don’t have access to a conventional rolling landscaped garden. Your gardening space is condensed into smaller spaces and tight arrangements. Planted-up pots venture into the territory of balconies, windowsills, bathroom windows and doorways. This only means that creativity is your best friend, and you get to be resourceful when it comes to planting space.

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Hang plants from inside showers and from ceilings, adorn windowsills with herbs and flowers, allow bookshelves to come alive with potted succulents and draping ferns. Line terraces with potted plants. Use potted containers as book ends and line stairwells with greenery.

A non-traditional garden space is the sidewalk planted up with vegetables, a rooftop brimming with sweet peas, a shower mat made of real moss. A potted cactus as a door stop and delicious monster as a book end. Use balconies to grow fresh herbs and veg, and rooftops to start community gardens. Hang plants with vining tendencies from pot stands suspended outside entrances.

In the following weeks we will be expanding on the various spaces Urban Greenies make their own. Non-traditional spaces are extremely common, and in our Guest Gardener feature we show you how everyday city dwellers are taking normal spaces and making them extraordinary.

Fancy yourself an Urban Greenie? Do you have a non traditonal garden space?

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urban greenies garden space lifestyle home garden nursery plant shop johannesburg gauteng urban landscaping

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