No 1% VAT increase here…

We’re not just passing on the buck but we are going to continue giving you some bucks…

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As you know, VAT was increased on 1 April 2018.

We at Lifestyle Home Garden have decided to ease the burden on our customers by absorbing as much of this 1% VAT increase as we can until the end of June 2018*.

Although the Springbuck is our national animal; we’ve decided NOT to simply pass the buck onto you – but rather we will be slowly phasing in the increase over time and the bulk of our products will only be adjusted by end June 2018, with us absorbing the increase altogether on selected products thereafter. In addition to this we will continue to give you back some bucks by ensuring that our Loyalty Club members’ cashback percentages will remain the same.

No funky prices here; just the price points you have come to know and trust.

We want to keep South Africa green!

*This does not include products subject to incremental price changes during this time.




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