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Christmas at Lifestyle is always a merriment for the soul, a place to escape to other worlds of fantasy and creative freedom – because you get to take weave your own magical setting from the many inspiring pieces we have collected for this very occasion, from around the world.

A Traditional take on things…

Christmas is a place, for many, of classic decor, timeless heirlooms – nutcrackers, Santas and wreaths in the staple cherry red and deep green that makes us feel steeped in tradition. Become immersed in bright and bold greens, golds and rich reds, include nativity scenes and our beautiful festive traditional wooden toys and decorative items.

Magical Gardens

Tones of pearl and velvety pink become interspersed with blush and a rich magnolia, in this magical world of fairies, florals and fantasy. Flying pigs, glossy ceramic Santas, shimmery trees with branches of solid glitter, cerise pink feather boas and wonderfully whimsical fabric umbrellas, mingle with dancers whose skirts are made from floaty feathers. Be transported to a softer place…

Forest Friends

Imagine a mossy setting with forest creatures nestled into the warmth of acorns, leaves and mushrooms- the rustling leaves in russets, golds, deep greens and flame-like oranges. Poinsettias in deep amber velvet are offset by gold tinsel, feathery hedgehogs and be-spectacled foxes and raccoons, and glass jars and candle holders lend a warmth to the scene. For images of our decor in this theme click |HERE|.

Made with Love

Bright Christmas red and blush pink combines with wintery whites and silvers to create a bakers haven of gingerbread men, Mr and Mrs Clause cookie jars create nostalgia, and hanging ornaments in the shapes of hand-baked cookies stirs up comfort and ease. Snow globes feature entire houses made of candy, and mugs of cocoa have never tasted as good as they will in our gorgeous ceramic mugs in cheerful shapes. Have a walk through yesteryear with this homely theme, which is sure to make any festive space feel welcoming and rich.

Bright Luxury

Pearlescent and sparkly glitz is the name of the Bright luxurious game, and this theme is perfect for the modernist who wants to add a sparkle to their festive scene. Think patina’d reindeer, baubles with subtle hints of metallic bling, tinsel to really bring in the blue and silver tones, Santas with modern silver and gold outfits, and hanging decor with a tinge of champagne hues. This theme feels celebratory and glam! icicles on tall elegant trees, sparkly gold poinsettias to clip into trees or use as beautiful table settings – go wild with your imagination!

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