Mothers Day Gift Guide

Our gorgeous Mothers Day Gifting Guide to gifts for the beautiful special ladies in your life:

  1. Pink Poinsettia 15cm R99.99 in white ceramic pot 15cm R109.99
  2. Natural cornleaf woven basket with multicoloured thread R199.99
  3. Handmade heart-shaped tea light holder with candle R44.99
  4. Hanging candle holder gold stainless steel R18cm R499.99
  5. Pink Hydrangea standard R159.99
  6. Macrame natural green plant holder (available in many colours) R149.99
  7. Decorative bird feeder lady with butterflies R2899.99
  8. Kitchen storage vessel ceramic, available in different patterns R299.99
  9. Tray R249.99, white ceramic lady vase R399.99, glazed pink vase R79.99
  • 10 – Zamioculcas zamiifolia raven 19cm R299.99
  • 11 – Pot cover with green foliage R599.99
  • 12 – Lunar calendar R149.99
  • 13 – Wire decorative hanging R299.99
  • 14 – Off-white basket with colourful threading detail 28cm R399.99
  • 15 – White pot cover R69.99 and one stemmed Phalaenopsis orchid R219.99
  • 16 – Basket cornleaf round 24cm R179.99
  • 17 – Modern print in frame R449.99
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