Living Works of Art

The beauty of indoor plants is that they are living work of art that create a textured and dynamic form of decoration with which you can inspire creative ideas and imaginative upgrades to your indoor spaces!

A small desire rises inside of us when we look at a boring book shelf or an old cabinet that we have been wanting to ‘upgrade’ for so long, but never get around to. Well now is the time to transform that old piece of furniture into a living work of art that not only will look great but will make you feel great too. And by feel great we refer to the extraordinary health benefits that plants can provide, coupled with the feeling of accomplishment and successful joy that Discovering Your Wild will do for you!

The juxtaposition of lush greenery and raw terracotta adds a sense of texture and joy to an area that only the liveliness of plants could create.

Mixing and matching complimentary planters and plants and grouping your potted plants en masse is what the Jungle style is all about and without which Discovering Your Wild would be less than menial.

It is as simple as using different pots and planters to create interest and texture, mixing and matching the planters that you use with different plants to give the space character, or even running wild with creativity by painting your terracotta and plastic pots with interesting patterns.

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Embrace your creativity when it comes to choosing the pots and planters that you want to incorporate into your very own botanical sanctuary. Modern planter stands or old stools painted with chalk paint can be used to create dynamic by adding alternative heights and more interest to your space. Pair a Snake Plant (Sansevieria) with a tall rough terracotta pot and a slim terracotta saucer and place on your book shelf as a living book stopper to your collection of cook books or magazines.

Choose a small, rounded red terracotta pot and pair it with English Ivy to trail down your cabinet in your entrance hall. Or just choose a range of red terracotta alongside royal blue shiny pots and rustic baskets and plant up a selection of your favourite indoor plants and arrange them as a focal point to your seated area in your living room.

The choices are made easily when you embrace your creativity and go wild getting your hands dirty and potting up your favourite plants and planters. Then all that is left to do is to Discover Your Wild by placing your potted plants on kitchen or book shelves, in odd crevices, right next to your couch, in the middle of your coffee table, amidst your stair case, trailing over your cabinet, hanging from your shower rail or on top of magazine piles.

The opportunities are endless, so let your imagination run wild on this journey of inspired living and let us help you create the botanical sanctuary that your home and work spaces are so desperate to emanate!

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